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by Jace Raile on April 28, 2016
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The Third Party Tools process application helps teams and organizations to manage the use of third party tools within the business. Tracking the licenses, tools and places where tools have been used can be daunting for small teams and large enterprises alike. Users need to be able to work quickly while ensuring a product is using acceptably licensed tools. The Third Party Tools process app is composed of three applications designed to simplify user involvement and centralized information while remaining flexible to different business needs.

  • License Repository

    The License Repository application provides a location for licenses to be managed. Legal team members can add new licenses and update information as necessary. Information such as usage policy, association, and special restrictions can all be recorded. Reports can be easily generated to provide legal text as products are released.

    License Repository State Form

    License Repository Workflow

    Tool Repository

    The Tool Repository application is where a record of all third party tools are stored, including rejected or decommissioned tools. Developers can search for a tool to see if it is available. If not, they can submit a new tool. Depending on configurable rules a tool may need legal approval. Tools that have been approved can then be used in a product. Tool dependencies can also be tracked.

    Tool Repository Submit Form

    Tool Repository Workflow

    Tool Uses

    The Tool Uses application connects third party tools from the Tool Repository with the organization's products*. Developers can add a new Tool Use record directly - providing the tool and product - or indirectly from an approved tool. Information about how the tool is being used is collected. Configurable rules will dictate if the use is acceptable or needs legal review. If the use is valid or approved, the items are linked. When users view a Tool record, they can see the associated products that it's used in, and vice-versa.

    *Third Party Tools comes with an auxiliary table - 3PT Products - used to connect the organization’s products with the Tool Repository. This is great for testing but, for long-term use, references to this table should be updated to an existing products table, or to a primary item such as RLC - Release Packages.

    Tool Use State Form

    Tool Use Workflow

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