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by Robert Hulette on June 01, 2016
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This app is all about speed and concise tracking of stories, their changes, and their approvals one their way into your workflow.

  • Binary fields, quick transitions, and javascript come together to provide lightning fast approvals of stories and changes. When an item is submitted, the submitter is marked in a binary field as having pre approved the item, as its current iteration is theirs. The Developer and Project Lead then have quick transitions for single button click approvals on the state, or can perform a story change. If any of the three click story change the other two are marked as having not approved the new iterance, and the person changing it is marked as having already approved it as it is now their version submitted. The item automatically moves into your workflow as all have approved.

    The newest story version is stored within its own field for ease of use and notifications. Counters store the number of versions in numerical fields. The change history stores everything needed to track an item's flow.

    Approvals and changes all in one state allow for quick approvals and changes in a near live conversation pace while the counters, journal field, current story field, and history allow for perfect tracking and audits.

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