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by Michael Fiala on March 01, 2016
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The Project/Time Requests process app allows you to track services requested for your clients or internal projects that are not included in a SOW or have been funded by the organization. This app gives you a solid way of tracking all of your non-billable assignments and requests.

  • How are your services staff spending their time? Is their time being used efficiently? Are the results being tracked and recognized for any possible revenue ramifications? This process app allows you to track requested services to better manage the time and results of your services projects.

    The process app comes with two workflows which can be tailored for the different types of requested services that you have. The Practice Development workflow ensures that the proper approvals have been obtained from the directors and the executive team. One of the features of the workflow is that the first level of approval is skipped if the submitter is also the first approver. After gathering the necessary approvals, the appropriate resources are assigned to the project. All risks and benefits are captured for the project. Once the project is completed, it is moved to the Closed state. All of the data is available through SBM reporting and searching.

    Practice Development Workflow

    The Client Investment workflow can be used for projects involving client services that may have revenue recognition. This process requires VP approval before the resources are assigned to the request. The workflow contains a verification state, Pending VSOE Resolution, which allows you to see if there is any revenue recognition for this project.

    Client Investment Workflow

    This process app makes use of the SBM Solution forms, which can be easily customized to add any fields that you want to add. This allows you to gather any data that is necessary for your internal processes.


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