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by Jimmy Scott on December 12, 2016
Create a report type that allows view of items over a range and their change in status.Example: I should be able to run a report that displays currently active...
by Curtis LaPrise on October 26, 2015
It would be very useful to be able to have two instances of Composer running at once with different Process Apps checked out. 
by John Wermers on August 26, 2015
Capture the amount of time it takes to re-index a customers database.
by Franz Andel on August 06, 2015
Ability to compare settings a set of notifications like which termination - and when-Rule, delay parameters, subscribers, template, action etc.
Dimensions CM
by Sergio Rodriguez on June 01, 2015
Ability to compare two or more request about the items shared? In other words, can we know the items that are shared between request. for example, if the resquest R1...
5 results - showing 1 - 5

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