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ChangeMan ZMF/Mainframe
by Clark Rogers on October 23, 2017
In ERO area audit with ARS, we would like an enhancement, much like complex/participating schemes, were you can point all your recompile/relinks from auto-resolve to a specific package within...
ChangeMan ZMF/Mainframe
by Ron Palaniuk on September 19, 2017
Resolve issues with installing ChangeMan ZMF packages that end-up having Audit out-of-synch situations because time has passed.
by David Goodale on February 21, 2017
Need to provide application level add audit logging for logins, logouts and password changes. Log the following information at the SSO level. ...
ChangeMan ZMF/Mainframe
by Matthias Lahme on October 20, 2016
Storing content of an audit report within ChangeMan accelerates development because no tool-change (e.g. to SDSF) and additional time for searching has to be performed. 
4 results - showing 1 - 4

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