Upgrading support for Oracle 12c R2 Problem

Our database infrastructure is currently being upgraded to Oracle 12cR2. I need to know when issues with the 12c R2 will likely be resolved. All databases here are in the process of upgrading. upon upgrading our dev environment, we have found that there are issues. looking for timing and understanding as to how soon this will be resolved.
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    Wednesday, May 31 2017, 05:48 PM - #Permalink
    Hopefully someone from MicroFocus will confirm, but I seem to remember that in the presentation regarding SBM 11.3 (which is currently in beta testing) - it was shown that it will be supported on 12cR2.
    • David J. Easter
      more than a month ago
      Correct. SBM 11.3 will have support for Oracle 12cR2.
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