I am new to Dimensions and I am trying to check-out the baseline code from Dimension into local workspace using Jenkins. I have designed the Jenkins job as parameterized build by passing baseline as input value to the string variable "DM_BASELINE". But I am unaware of how to integrate this string value in the SCM section being defined in the Jenkins job. I have provided project and Dimension repository details in SCM section.
Any help to check-out the baseline code to local workspace will be really appreciable.
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    Tuesday, November 07 2017, 04:55 AM - #Permalink
    Maybe you need to select parameters for your new string you want to add. When build triggers are used to start a build, there's no way to pass parameters. This includes SCM polling, downstream builds, and periodic builds. Instead, the specified default values will be used for string, boolean and choice parameters. Just buy cheap essay and don't go for a difficult way.
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