There are app groups I do not wish some user groups to see. Selecting them in App Admin > Group Preferences > Work Center limits what appears on the Banner (Tool Bar), but not in the drop-down. Any ideas?
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    Monday, November 06 2017, 10:27 AM - #Permalink

    The workcenter toolbar shows the apps or app groups that have been "favorited" while the drop down on the toolbar will show all apps and app groups that are available to a user. If a user doesn't have read access to any of the apps in a app group then the app group won't be visible in the drop down. If the user has access to only one of the many apps in the app group then the app group will be visible. The nice thing is when you click on the app group to see what apps are included in it only shows the apps you have access to so at least you can't see the names of the "other" apps included in the app group if you don't have access to view them.

    Hope it helps
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