User-Frendly Error Messages

by martin nicolas candal on December 15, 2016

Dimensions users has problems with the error messages. They say that are too complicated to undestand what happens. In most cases, they forget to relate a request in a deliver operation and they get this huge error message:

 c:temptestDLLnewFile.rtf file received 
Error Using Stream 'HBRM_WEB:TEST_DLL'.
Using 'D:Program FilesSerenacommontomcat8.0workCatalinalocalhostdimensionse4p8t873.dirDV' as the Stream work area.
Scanning local work area: less than 1 microsecond
SCWS "HBRM_WEB:TEST_DLL" /DIRECTORY="D:Program FilesSerenacommontomcat8.0workCatalinalocalhostdimensionse4p8t873.dirDV" /NODEFAULT /NOCHECK
Warning: There were errors while uploading files from the specified network node. Please check the upload log.
Updating files: 0.05 sec
Committing structure changes: less than 1 microsecond
COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted.
Creating new item revision for 'D:Program FilesSerenacommontomcat8.0workCatalinalocalhostdimensionse4p8t873.dirDVDLLnewFile.rtf'
COR0005162E Error: To create a new Item revision of type SRC you must specify a valid request
COR0006384E Error: Failed to create Item for 'D:Program FilesSerenacommontomcat8.0workCatalinalocalhostdimensionse4p8t873.dirDVDLLnewFile.rtf' 
c:temptest Associated metadata transferred 
Removing temporary files Operation completed

The important part of this message is only: "COR0005162E Error: To create a new Item revision of type SRC you must specify a valid request". The messages are impossible to customize, even using Event Callouts.

It would be great to improve error messages, making them simpler.


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