I have a App containing 12 State Forms.
When I click the Preview button I can see the Transition Buttons on top of each of these Forms (as well as in browsers).
The list of Transition Buttons changes as I change the 'Context:'

I created a new Form from checked out App.
For some reason, whatever the method to create this new state Form ( i.e. in the Form Configuration, whatever the Style: Based on ...) I can't see the Transition Buttons in Preview mode.
Even from a 'Duplicate Form' the new Form does not show Transition Buttons.
Note that the 'Show button bar' option has no effect.

A clue may be:
In my new Form, the 'Context:' control only displays the name of my Primary table (and no State at all)

Any ideas ?
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    Wednesday, August 09 2017, 12:57 PM - #Permalink

    Not sure if you sorted this out but the behavior you describe sounds like you just create a new state form or transition form but that form isn't specified as the actual form on any state or workflow. In other words it's just sitting there stand alone.

    If you highlight a state in your workflow and then click the Property Editor and then the Form ribbon you can specify that this State use form X. If you then preview your form you should see the appropriate buttons.

    Hope it helps
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    Friday, August 11 2017, 02:53 PM - #Permalink

    I realized just after posting my question that I indeed forgot to attach my form to a state...
    Exactly what you are mentionning.
    I am new to SBM and some "obvious" mechanisms are still not well anchored in my brain.

    Happy to see that I would have otherwise found the correct answer from you.
    Thanks !
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