I am getting below error while executing pcli utility to get version files from pvcs. Also this tool was working fine earlier when using from old coldfusion server 8. Now after upgrading to CF10 we are getting this error.
I am running below command.

plci.exe run ->\\usawvfs07\busapps\Devl\migsynch-logs\Dev\PCLI\Temp_46448620.txt ListRevision -idprodctl:prodctl01 -f -v"RFC1604165" -z "/OpenUptime/API".

"Unknown os = Windows NT (unknown) 08:08:33 May.01.17 [Error] (Line: 21 of file: "\\usawvfs07\busapps\Devl\migsynch-logs\Dev\PCLI\Temp_34874483.pcli") A requested programming interface was not found: "pvcs.cmd.PvcsUserWriter". This is a programming or configuration error. "
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    Monday, May 08 2017, 10:40 AM - #Permalink
    Hello Parveen,

    You are trying to run a (very) old Version Manager release on an Operating System that is way newer than supported operating systems for that release. Assuming you do not want to roll back the OS version to a supported one, it is time to upgrade Version Manager to one that supports the OS version being used.

    Kind regards,

    - Richard.
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