I am new to Dimesnions CM. I are trying to extract all the files based on the revision number from DMCLI.

The challenge that I am facing is-

How can we modify below command to extract all the files for a given version ?


Like above command extracts only Item 0A99 with 05 version. I want to get version 5 extracted for all the files.

Please Help!
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    Monday, August 14 2017, 08:32 AM - #Permalink
    As per my previous response - Can you elaboprate what you are actually trying to achieve?

    While the other solution would logically "work"
    ie it would allow you to fetch V5 of all files (within the scope of your list AND where the files had a V5 )

    Do you really want V5 of every file? The chances are that the V5s of the files have nothing to do with each other...
    And we are perhaps back into the realms of Baselines/Releases etc where you are really looking for the state of files when an application/system/product was at V5 (rather than each individual file).
    • Kushank
      3 weeks ago
      Hey Drewster,

      We don't have baselines at all in our project. Just different version of all the files.
      That is why looking for Versions for every file.
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