Below command works fine when called from Console in Dimensions CM

CI "CMU:.A-CM4;1" /WORKSET="CMU:_WORK_MAIN" /USER_FILENAME="c:\TEST_26.3.0.1_CmfCma_if.txt" /FILENAME="26301ccc.txt-123354686X3333X1" /PART="CMU:EPIC_ASCB.A;1" /WS_FILENAME="EPIC_ASCB\Integration\TEST_FILE_AAA.txt" /DESCRIPTION="AIS diff report" /FORMAT="TXT" /COMMENT="AIS diff report" /KEEP

however when I call same from command line using "dmcli" it does not work like this
dmcli CI "CMU:.A-CM4;1" /WORKSET="CMU:_WORK_MAIN" /USER_FILENAME="c:\TEST_26.3.0.1_CmfCma_if.txt" /FILENAME="26301ccc.txt-123354686X3333X1" /PART="CMU:EPIC_ASCB.A;1" /WS_FILENAME="EPIC_ASCB\Integration\TEST_FILE_AAA.txt" /DESCRIPTION="AIS diff report" /FORMAT="TXT" /COMMENT="AIS diff report" /KEEP

I always get an error ACL0004285E: Too many parameters.

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Monday, May 08 2017, 04:36 AM - #Permalink
The command line reference guide has important information in the section 'Running Commands from a Dimensions Client; in particular:

IMPORTANT! When you execute a command using the -cmd parameter of dmcli, each
double quotation mark used for wrapping strings that contain spaces must be escaped
with a backslash (\).

Therefore as your comment and description contained spaces try the following:

dmcli CI "CMU:.A-CM4;1" /WORKSET="CMU:_WORK_MAIN" /USER_FILENAME="c:\TEST_26.3.0.1_CmfCma_if.txt" /FILENAME="26301ccc.txt-123354686X3333X1" /PART="CMU:EPIC_ASCB.A;1" /WS_FILENAME="EPIC_ASCB\Integration\TEST_FILE_AAA.txt" /DESCRIPTION=\"AIS diff report\" /FORMAT="TXT" /COMMENT=\"AIS diff report\" /KEEP
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    Tuesday, May 02 2017, 10:37 AM - #Permalink
    got to this but still same error (too many parameters)

    dmcli CI "CMU:.A-CM4;1" /USER_FILENAME="c:\TEST_26.3.0.1_CmfCma_if.txt" /FILENAME="26301ccc.txt-1233X1" /COMMENT="AIS diff report" /KEEP
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