Is there a way to create Serena tickets via code?
I'm trying to migrate a bunch of tickets to from one system to Serena.
Is there some kind of SDK I can use?
Some links I should read?

Thanks in advance.
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    Thursday, November 02 2017, 12:10 PM - #Permalink

    There are a couple different ways to get items into SBM. You can import items from an excel spreadsheet or from another database or from an xml file. This usually works the easiest assuming you can get your existing items out of the other system in a workable fashion, IE into an excel spreadsheet.

    Open the App Administrator and you will see an Import Data icon. This is used for importing via a spreadsheet.
    If you open the System Administrator tool and click on Tools there are options to import via xml or a database.

    If you want to pragmatically do it take a look at the web services guide. There are a few web services like createprimaryitem that can be used to create items in SBM via code.

    Hopefully that gets you started.
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    Monday, November 06 2017, 02:20 PM - #Permalink
    You can import primary items using an Excel file. Another option is the unsupported multi-import tool. Check with your sales rep.

    How many is "a bunch" and what else do you need to import? Attachments? History??
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