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by Serena Software on January 29, 2015
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  This app covers the entire lifecycle of an employee at a company, from job requisition and recruiting to job offer, offer acceptance, and termination.

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    Recruiting and hiring suitable employees is a challenge for many companies. The consequences of a bad hire can include decreased employee morale, decreased work productivity, increased training costs, and even loss in customers and market share. Companies have collapsed because of internal issues with their workforce. The design of the hiring process has a dramatic impact on future turnover, and many recruiters and managers are unaware of this.


      Using the HR Employee Processing app enables candidate data to evolve into employee data as a potential employee moves through the recruiting process and into hiring. Offered salaries are kept confidential and securely stored throughout the process. If a candidate is ultimately declined a position but is a good fit for another one, you do not have to reenter the candidate’s information, which expedites the process and saves hours of work.


    • Provides recruiting, hiring, and termination processes in one application
    • Serves as a library of positions available at the company
    • Enables you to quickly view the qualifications of a potential employee      

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