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by Serena Software on January 29, 2015
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This app allows federal employees to submit for leave (vacation) requests and sick time.

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      Employees requesting for time off can be a daunting. What is FMLA? Am I qualified? What type of leave do I submit for? These are all commons questions employees ask themselves before submitting for approval. Submitting for the wrong type of leave can result in a loss of days, even weeks, of pay to the employee and lost work to the employer due to the common hassle of processing time off requests.


      Using the Federal Employee Time Off app allows an employee to quickly submit for time off. OPM 71 is already integrated though any other PDF can be configured and used if desired. The form, which is auto filled throughout the process, can easily be saved locally or printed for a paper trail. Requests can be dealt with rapidly, eliminating common problems when submitting an unexpected sick day for the following day, and as a result, managers are informed and time is saved.


    • Customizable form integration, OPM 71 comes standard
    • Auto filling PDF
    • Change and cancellation incorporation
    • Request date change option
    • Payroll integration

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